How to make an Easter Tree…

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I recently did a post over at House and Home on how to make your own Easter tree, you can check it out here:

Here are a couple more Easter trees that I think are fab!

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I am making my Easter tree today, but on budget. Here’s the plan:

For the last few months I’ve had a display of naked branches sitting in a large glass vase in my hall which I’ve changed around a bit to suit the season. For Christmas I added some fake snow to the vase and hung silver and glass Christmas ornaments from the branches. After Christmas, I removed the snow and ornaments and just placed some pinecones in the vase and it’s been like that ever since.

So for my Easter tree, I’m going to use the same branches but I’m going to place them in a galvanised bucket or terracotta pot that I know I have somewhere ( I just have to try find them) and I’ll see which I like best. The bucket might be a little too big sitting on top of the table so I’ll just see. I’ll fill the container with sand that I also have at home (you could use compost/clay or even pebbles-anything to keep the branches in place) Then I’m going to steal some moss from my parent’s garden and place it at the top of the container hiding the sand. I will then hang a few egg decorations, butterflies (depending on what I find) and some ribbon from the branches and Voila! Job done!

So, now I’m off into town to see what bargains I can find and I will show you how I get on in my next post! Check back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing some Easter table decorating ideas that I love and I’m sure will inspire!

Happy Friday :)

I know a few people who love to make these aswell, I wonder will my friend Sue send me a  pic of her creation?! I can’t wait to see it for myself tomorrow :)