I am an Interior Designer with an obsession for all things vintage! I am inspired by lots of different decorating styles including shabby chic, New England style, French, rustic country house style and over the past couple of years I’ve been really drawn to spaces with industrial elements such as tarnished metal lighting and furniture, exposed pipe work and reclaimed brick. I like to decorate with an eclectic mix of aged, salvaged pieces of furniture, quirky vintage finds, French and Swedish antiques in chalky whites, greys, blues and greens. I like to incorporate salvaged architectural finds into my interiors and I’m a big fan of re-purposing and upcycling furniture and I have a serious soft spot for reclaimed wood. I generally prefer to decorate with whites and neutrals as it offers more versatility but my main objective when decorating a room is to make sure there is plenty of character, interest, personality, warmth and texture. This blog is simply a scrapbook of some home inspiration, ideas and the things I love. It is a creative outlet and if nothing else, I would hope this blog provides some eye candy for you to enjoy when you want to get away from it all!



If you would like some design, decorating or styling help with your home, business, wedding or other special event, contact me at about my design services.

5 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Fabulous images …. I just love a girly picnic …. Hope you enjoy! I’m one of your new followers btw …. Love your blog it’s so simplistic … Jules x

    • Thank you soo much for your lovely comment you’re very kind & I’m delighted you’re now following! Please bear with me as I’m only learning the ropes but I hope you continue to enjoy my posts xx

  2. Feeling very inspired!! I have the paint brush out and am sprucing up some old furniture. Thank you for your amazing hints and tips. I absolutely love your blogs. Keep em coming!! Fabulous work xx

  3. Seriously, I could have written that profile about me. Especially the French and Swedish antiques in chalk white. I tend to be a little eclectic too, mashing more than one style together.
    You mentioned you liked a little industrial element and salvage. I’ve been following a Blog at WordPress that you might like. It’s “Hammer Like A Girl”. A group of girlfriends that do amazing things with old junk in the coolest way and add a lot of wit to their tutorials too. Here’s a link to a recent project, but their all great :)

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