Fireplaces in kitchens….

There’s been a lot of “Oh my God it’s freeeeezing” going on over in my parents’ house this past week and the subject of installing a fireplace/stove in the kitchen has often come up over the years. Unfortunately there simply isn’t a wall where one could go but it got me thinking (and dreaming) of how amazing it would be to have a fireplace in your kitchen?! Especially here in Ireland during the harsh winters. We spent a lot of time in my Granny & Grandad’s farmhouse as kids and they had an AGA and an open fireplace in their kitchen (what I would give!) and I always remember it being soooo cosy and welcoming. Can you imagine coming downstairs on a Baltic morning (like this morning) and walking into the kitchen and the fire is blazing?! HEAVEN! Of course – that would all be great if there was someone to get up before us and have it lighting for us and also if we didn’t have to race out the door to work! Dreams are for free however….so check out these lovely cosy kitchens I found and have a little daydream over your afternoon coffee break! ;)

Love the fireplace in the kitchen and the blue cupboard!!!

I thought this was a very neat and practical addition to this vintage-style kitchen. The owners of this home have managed to house a neat little stove in the corner of the room against an exterior wall. It takes up very little space and there’s no mess! Love those chippy turquoise cabinet doors too!

Love the round table and fireplace in the kitchen. photo by andreas mikkel hansen for BO BEDRE

This all-white kitchen has a more contemporary-styled open fireplace which I think is really nice. Visually it’s nice to look at as well has throwing out heat into this otherwise stark room.

NEED a fireplace in my new kitchen!

I really like this style of open fire – raised off the ground with storage underneath for logs and sticks. Sooo homey :)

a fireplace in the kitchen should be mandatory.

I love the mixture of old and new here – the huge old fireplace and scarred timber flooring work in harmony with the modern Bertoia-inspired wire chairs and sleek white cabinetry. The owners seem to have added bi-folding doors to hide the fireplace when not in use which would make it a lot more practical if there were kids running around the place.

Eat in kitchen with cooking fireplace = magical. The pup is pretty darn cute as well.

Here’s another raised fireplace with log storage underneath. I’m not sure if I’d want something like this in my own home but I think it looks well here with the old stone and raw wood beams. I love the long refectory table also.

love the fireplace in the kitchen!

I was drawn to the mixture of woods in this kitchen – it’s very earthy and warm-looking. Check out that huge fireplace behind the table!

I love a fireplace in the kitchen

I think if I had the option this is the kinda thing I would prefer – a raised open fireplace or stove sitting at the end of the room with an armchair either side of it. It’s enough to make the room look and feel warm and cosy but it’s not right up on top of you when you’re trying to cook.

Fireplace in the kitchen.

Love this idea – what an inviting place for a family get together or dinner party with friends..

I love the idea of fireplaces in the kitchen.  I'm no cook, so at least the fire can serve as a distraction.

Fireplace in rustic kitchen

Here’s a counter top-height open fire in a Scandi style kitchen…

Fireplace in kitchen

What a lovely large farmhouse kitchen. I love all the chairs in this room and those amazing beams…

This is the fireplace size i want  great fireplace + stone top table in townhouse of steven gambrel + chris connor / elle decor jan 2009


this is how we could put a wood stove in the fireplace of the summer kitchen - wouldn't have to be centered.

Ahhh….a wood-burning stove in the kitchen….:)

pic 4


Sorry it’s such a small picture but I had to include it. I just love this raised fireplace in this French farmhouse! And look at the ceiling….and the table…and the chairs…and the French doors….

pic 6

I love this cute cottage kitchen from “The Holiday” which I blogged about before Christmas. You can check out the rest of the cottage here.

Hope you’re feeling a little cosier now! I’m off to light the fire!


all images via Pinterest