The house from “Father of the Bride”

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Thought I’d do another movie house tour today and I think I have one that you will all love! With my own wedding just a few months away (eeekk!) and all the buzz and excitement going on in my parents’ house in the run up to the big day I thought it would be very fitting for me to do a post on the charming Colonial style house from one of my all-time favourite movies “Father of the Bride”. It is no surprise that Nancy Meyers was involved in the making of this movie – she is the lady who has brought us the coveted sets from “Something’s Gotta Give”  “It’s Complicated” and “The Holiday”.

So here’s out it looked in the movie. I just don’t think it could look any more picture perfect! With the gorgeous climbing roses curling around the windows, the shutters and that lovely big old tree in the front and of course the white picket fence. What a beautiful house that would be to come to! Steve Martin’s character George Banks mentions at the beginning of the movie that it is located at 24 Maple Drive, Los Angeles, California. The real location of this house is in Pasadena, California.

On entering the front door there is a dining room to the right and the living room to the left.

You will notice a fireplace in the corner of the dining room but there is no chimney seen on the outside of the house…

Father of the Bride living room-Diane Keaton

Here’s the living room into the left off the hall. I loove this living room. It’s just so cosy-looking and welcoming.And alhough this film was released in 1991, the furnishings don’t seem overly out-dated to me anyway. Although, I may be biased as I love slip covered furniture! The only things I wouldn’t be crazy about here are those awful wall sconces and floor lamp!

From this angle we get a glimpse of that amazing blue painted clock..

Kimberly Williams as Annie Banks Father of the Bride

Here’s the Bride to be Annie on the landing in the hall. Love all the white-painted panelling in the hallway and on the stairway.

Just off the dining room is the kitchen…

I always loved the central island table in this kitchen with the pots hanging overhead and the built-in glass cabinetry along the right wall (behind Annie in the pic below) Check out all the lovely green glassware…We can just about spot a utility room in the background..

Here’s Nina on the other side of the kitchen. Love the windows and the warm wood counter tops.. Not a fan of the tile though… but they’ve updated them by the sequel…

We get to see a lot more of the kitchen in the sequel…I love the vibe of this kitchen and how welcoming and homely it feels but I’m not sure I could handle that amount of clutter! There isn’t a spare inch on that counter…or check out the top of the fridge! No. I couldn’t be dealing with that but overall I love this kitchen.

I was always amazed how they had two stairs in their house (like in the Home Alone house) It looks so cool but how lazy do you have to be!! It’s not that big of a house that you would need it and just seems like a massive waste of space…but forget about practicality – this is a movie house and it is gorgeous so who cares?! I adore the table and chairs in the kitchen….you can see them better behind Annie in this shot…

Here we can see the glass cabinetry all lit up on the right hand side and that cool wooden carving above the doorway.

I love the bar stools here. And I know this will sound weird but I have a thing about lamps in a kitchen! I just loove them! I often find kitchens can become very utilitarian and practical and not very homely but to me, adding a lamp makes it feel real homely and more like a room rather than a work-space…

Ok, let’s go upstairs…

Here is the landing…

Here is what we see of the Master bedroom in the first movie…..Love this room. Again so cosy and perfectly proportioned…

Thankfully they did a sequel so we get to see more of the room…and that lovely metal bed! Check out the little glimpse of that bath tub in their en-suite…

Here’s a close up..

I absolutely love everything I see in this picture. The beautiful lace panels covering the windows, that amazing French metal chair in the corner, the panelling, the wallpaper (obsessed with wallpaper in a bathroom!) and of course the tub!

Here’s what we see of Annie’s room…I ADORE her amazing chippy painted metal bed!

Father of the Bride movie house-Annie's bedroom

We see she has beautiful full-length windows on the right wall of her bedroom..

Annie Banks bedroom Father of the Bride

That’s the end of the house tour but while I’m at it I might as well share some of the images from Annie’s amazing wedding!!

I remember thinking how beautiful the Church looked for the ceremony with all those hanging garlands and tapered candles lining the aisle… over the top but beautiful for the movie :-)

Tour the Father of the Bride Wedding Scene

Look at all the beautiful flowers they have in the living room (which has been cleared out for the wedding) The French doors to the right lead into the AMAZING marquee….

Fairylights, candles, flowers….what could be more romantic?!

George and Nina dancing at the end of the movie. Awh!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I bet you feel like watching this movie now don’t you? ;-)

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