Creative wall art………

Hey folks,

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been a busy bee finishing up a few different projects and also planning a trip of a lifetime with my other half. We’re heading off traveling around South America soon for a few months where I’m sure I’ll see some amazing places and gather some fantastic inspiration – which of course I will share on here ;-)

I’ve just been browsing through Pinterest – yes, I am addicted – but I’m sure there are a few other Pinterest-addicts out there reading this right now! Oh how amazing it would be to work on Pinterest as your job…..DREAM job! Ok, I’m getting off the track. I came across a few really cool wall art ideas that I just really wanted to share with you.

First up… HOW cool ‘n quirky is this?


If you’re like me and save loads of pretty/designer/fancy paper bags just because it feels like a crime to throw them out – then you will love this!! Instead of shoving your gorgeous bags into the back of the wardrobe where neither you nor anyone else can actually see or appreciate them – why not frame the bags from your favourite brands, making sure to have different shapes, sizes and colours for variety and interest and hang them in your walk-in-wardrobe/dressing area or above your dressing table in your bedroom? Totally unique, creative and personal – all for the cost of a few frames…..check out these from IKEA.

Next up… I think this is adorable. As a DIY project for Valentines Day or a wedding gift for a special friend or family member.


Print out some maps of places you have visited with your special someone, find yourself a heart-shaped object like a cookie cutter and draw around the shape with a pencil; find yourself some sharp scissors and get cutting! Stick these to the mount and place into the frame. Such a thoughtful gift for loved ones… I am SO doing this!

Here’s a very simple, cheap but very effective idea. Here, a selection of scenic photos in the same hues of aqua blues have been arranged in the shape of a heart and simply stuck to a stark white wall. You can of course arrange them in whatever shape you want and they don’t necessarily have to be scenic shots. This is in a beach cottage so the photos used here are all beachy and in aqua tones so it works really well.


This idea is always gonna be a winner. The gallery style symmetrical arrangement of white frames against a black-painted wall (or the opposite) This works particularly well with black and white prints or if you’re using colour prints/photos I’d set them against a white wall. Love it.


This next idea is one I’m planning for my home office. As a designer I select lots of gorgeous wallpapers and fabrics for clients and often have to order samples in so I’m always left with some left-over samples/swatches that I refuse to throw out. I plan on framing some of my favourite samples and mounting them against a stark white wall kind of like what they’ve done here.


What a gorgeous array of colours and patterns.

Forgive the quality of the next image but this is a personal favourite and something that’s on my never-ending To Do list for our home. Framed antique maps. Don’t ask me what it is about them but I am obsessed. A cool, meaningful and thoughtful gift to yourself or a loved one could be to frame an antique/vintage map of the first place you went on holidays with your other half/ where you went on honeymoon/ your favourite place in the whole world/ place you visited as a child that brings happy memories………the list goes on. I personally love the sepia-coloured timeworn maps in a rustic frame but the options for this idea are endless. Another unique and personal wall art idea for your home that makes you happy when you look at it.


Some gorgeous framed toile du jouy papers and canvases….Image

This next idea would be really cute in a nursery. Frame some pretty, colourful wallpaper samples OR gift wrap. You know that lovely good-quality gift wrap you can buy by the sheet in Marks & Spencers or Eason’s in particular? Lots of top textile designers are spilling over into stationery and have amazing ranges of gift wrap such as Designers Guild and Orla Kiely….


Hope these ideas have give you some inspiration ;-)

As always I’d love to hear what ya think!


All images via Pinterest