Julia Roberts’ house from Sleeping with the Enemy…

Was anyone else watching Sleeping with the Enemy the other night on TV? I watched it because I absolutely loooove the beautiful post-Victorian house Julia Roberts’ character Laura Burney (which she changes to Sarah Waters) moves into after running away from her controlling, possesive husband Martin played by Irish actor Patrick Bergin. What do you think?

I just love this classic American-style house with timber clapboard, shutters and a porch – it’s so quaint and homely.

Here’s a close up of the porch where we can see the gorgeous porch swing… I would add lots of roses and hydrangeas to the area just in front of the railing so it would look all overgrown and full of colour.

I’ve always loved the idea of sitting on a front porch reading a book or watching the world go by…

I love the panelled walls in the hallway and all the pictures add character and charm.

I wouldn’t style my own home like this but I still love it. It looks like such a cosy family living room and I can picture how lovely it would look all decked out for Christmas…

Here’s her yellow-painted kitchen. Wouldn’t be crazy about the decor here but I loved it the movie because it looks so quaint and charming. It was obviously very important that the set decor for this house felt and looked cosy, welcoming, safe and nurturing as it’s a place that Laura has escaped to away from her controlling husband. The house she shared with her husband was the exact opposite of this house – contemporary, cold, sterile, stark and obsessively neat and tidy. He even pulled her up on the fact that the hand towels in the bathroom weren’t perfectly aligned on the towel rail!!

I love the sash windows above her sink with her cute little plants sitting on the ledge…

This is Laura’s bedroom and en-suite which is furnished with rich mahogany antique furniture and traditional wallpaper. Soo cosy looking.

I’ve always loved the idea of wallpaper in a bathroom from half-way up the wall, it gives such a country cottage feel. And I love the wall sconces either side of the mirror. Traditional-style wall sconces like these are next to impossible to find in Ireland due to building regulations in bathrooms with sockets and exposed light bulbs etc. This drove me mad when I was searching for lights for my own bathroom.

This is the house as it appears today in South Carolina. It was put on the market last year for $219,000 and is a lot larger than it seems  in the movie, it’s 3,000 square feet and was built in 1905. Here’s a close up of the gorgeous porch:

The house is located at 404 Magazine Street, Abbeville, South Carolina and has since been sold but I’ve no idea who to. Julia over at Hooked on Houses shows pics of the interiors from the listing and the contemporary Cape Cod beach home she shared with her husband. For me, the interiors of the real house are not at all as nice as the movie interiors though! :(

Images via Hooked on Houses.