Lovely Linen Closets…

Hey there, today I’m going to do a post on Linen Closets and Linen cabinets because they are another little obsession of mine! I got really hooked on beautiful linens when I began work at the Ralph Lauren Home Concession in Brown Thomas ten years ago where I used to look after the visual merchandising and in-store displays. So, after a year there (and most of what I earned!) I accumulated quite a collection of gorgeous towels, linens, quilts and cushions that “I just had to have”! I always dreamt of eventually having my own house where I would have this gorgeous linen cabinet or linen room (if I was very lucky) to store all of my yummy towels and bedlinen. To me, there is something so homely, warm and cosy about a linen room (or ‘hot press’ as we Irish people call it) So when I began designing the layout of our house, I tried my best to include a linen room and just about managed it! I have been unable to do much with it so far because of course there are always more important things to get finished first when moving into a house so my pretty little linen closet would have to wait. Until now! I have a little plan in place that I will be working on over the next while and I will show you how it turns out!

In the meantime, here are some inspiration pics of some gooorgeous linen cabinets and linen rooms for you to drool over…

image from

Love it, love it, love it! Placing your linen or towels in baskets not only keep things neat and tidy but they also add lots of country charm and warmth!

I love all these pretty vintage linens against the gorgeous chippy white cladded walls. Check out the cute little label pinned to the shelf!

Creating these little ‘boxes’ is a great way of keeping certain collections and sizes together. I think this would be especially useful for fitted sheets because I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to make up the bed and I’ve picked up the wrong size sheet and we all know what a ‘joy’ it is to fold a fitted sheet!! Having your linens organised like this with labels for what room they belong to or what size they are will really make your life so much easier and will save you all that time where you’re pulling the place apart looking for those matching pillowcases for that set!

I love this pretty vintage wallpaper used in this linen cabinet. It’s such a simple touch but creates such a warm and homey feel..

Rachel Ashwell’s beautiful linen room for her B & B in Texas..

I waaaant this cabinet!!! Gorgeous wire front shabby cabinet from Laura Ashley. Perfect for towels and linen. Would love to have enough room in my bathroom for this..

Would love to hear what you think!

Have a lovely weekend :)